Our Story

MoonTrades started in 2019. It was inspired from making consistent growth by day trading options with the S&P500 (SPY). We learned that there is unlimited potential for profit taking. There is enough money for all of us. We have the highest percentage gains on a conservative level. We average 15% daily.

Why Us?
  • We give our insights and direction of a ticker symbol with a screenshot.

  • No Penny Stocks. We only invest in High Quality Bluechips.

  • CEO of MoonTrades and members are always in the Trading Voice chat from 9:30am - 4:00pm Eastern Time.

  • We take care of our traders.

  • Unlike other trading memberships, We want everyone to succeed.


The alerts allow our traders to see exactly when our professional traders take a position. Exactly when they enter, exit, and even when they set alerts. Our system makes it easy to see why positions are being taken and stating the exact reason. We make the confident level rise a tremendous amount.


The smartest way to grow your stock market account

Our stock market alerts are 100% created by humans. No bots.

We are trusted. We are established in the USA.

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How it works


Our indicators are by far some of the most intelligent out there. We've designed them to read price action in combination with other indicators to ensure we are covering all variables. When all of the criteria are met, we receive an indication that it may be a good time to buy. We do not accept bad deals and only wait with amazing patience for the good deal to show up. This is one of the reasons that we are consistent traders.


When the Pro Traders spot a good deal they will immediately start scanning and drawing out their plans with a screenshot to post in the Alerts Tab with their entry and exit points. We have an aggressive but yet conservative day trading strategy which lets us see high percentage daily returns varying from 10% - 80%! Our goal is to manage risk and maintain consistency with these high percentage daily gains. We talk in a live voice chat from 9:30am - 4:00pm EST.




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